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Bindi Beauty and Spa Products

~ Founder
~ Philosophy
- Doshas
- Acclaim
- Home Spa
- Summer Beauty
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- Autumns/Spring Beauty
Beauty Areas
- Eye Care
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- Problem Skin Care
Ayurvedic Cuisine

Doshas or Earth Elements used in Beauty and Health in Ayurveda

by Kavita Mehta - Founder of Indian Foods Company
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Kapha.jpg (24953 bytes)
The earth is dependable, grounded, forgiving and nourishing.  Water is moisturizing, cooling and graceful.
We need to keep the liquids in our body free flowing and not congested by eating greens, exercise.  Water needs green plants to give it oxygen and water needs wetlands to keep it clean.   This is the time to get rid of toxins and oil and impurities from our bodies.

Earth and water are termed Kapha in Ayurveda.   There are Kapha People and Kapha Season (spring) and Kapha time in the day (6 to 10)
Kapha Modalities - Kapha people are blessed with strength, endurance and stamina.  The liver is an important organ during Spring and for Kapha people.
Mental  Attributes: calm, tolerant and forgiving. While they may be slow to comprehend, their long term memory is excellent.
Imbalances - lethargy, greed, envy, attachment and possessiveness and take things too personally.
Physical  Attributes: Kapha people have a large build. They have thick skin and their bodies and muscles are well developed. They tend to gain weight and have a slow metabolism. Their skin is oily and smooth. Their eyes are large, dark, and attractive with thick, long lashes and brows.
Internal Modality - Sleep is deep and prolonged. They have sweet, loving dispositions and are stable and grounded.They walk and talk slowly, are slow to grasp information but never forget. They are sweet kind, steady, calm, and helpful.
Kapha Diseases - They tend to have diseases connected to the water principle such as flu, sinus congestion, and other diseases involving mucous. Sluggishness, excess weight, diabetes, water retention, and headaches are also common.


Pitta.jpg (30217 bytes)
This is a season when one ventures out a lot, in the hot burning environment.  To balance ourselves we need cooling foods, cooling oils on our skin to protect us from the outdoors which we love in summer, stay indoors during the full sun times and enjoy the vegetables of the season.  Summer is the season to age so we need to get a summer season program to keep us young.

Heat and Fire are termed Pitta in Ayurveda.   There are Pitta People and Pitta Season (summer) and Pitta time in the day (mid-day)
Pitta Modalities - Pitta people are fiery.  The eyes, enzymes, body heat are pitta organs and functions.
Mental  Attributes: alert, intelligent, good comprehension, easily agitated, aggressive, tendency toward hate, anger and jealousy when in imbalance. Pitta people are leaders, planners and seek material prosperity. They like to exhibit their wealth and possessions when in imbalance will show off.
Physical  Attributes: medium build,  fair skin with moles and freckles, warm bodies, soft hair that may gray prematurely and have hair loss.
Internal Modality - strong metabolism, good digestion, strong appetites, perspire easily, lower tolerance for sunlight, heat or hard physical work, sleep well and of medium duration.
Pitta Diseases - fevers, inflammatory diseases and jaundice, skin rashes, burning sensation, ulceration, fever, inflammations, skin irritations, conjunctivitis, colitis,  sore throats

Vata.jpg (24683 bytes)
Vata people could imagine this picture and how they would feel in such an environment - one would try to hunker down, settle down, warm up, rejuvenate, moisturize the skin and have a warm steam bath.


Air and motion are termed Vata in Ayurveda.   There are Vata People and Vata Season (winter) and Vata time in the day (2 to 6 O' clock)
Vata Modalities - Vata provides the essential motion for all bodily processes and is extremely vital for health.
Mental  Attributes: alert, active, a quick mind -   flexibility and creativity - quick grasp of  things, forget quickly. Low will power, tolerance, confidence and boldness. They can earn money quickly and spend it quickly. They are poor planners.
Imbalanced Vata are fearful, nervous, and anxious and do not rest at all.
Vata remedy - Routine is very useful in assisting the Vata individual to effectively ground all this moving energy.
Physical  Attributes: Thin, very tall or very short, muscular, walk and talk fast, easily fatigued. Their appetite and digestion are variable. Vata resides in the colon, as well as the brain, ears, bones, joints, skin and thighs.
Internal Modality - strong metabolism, good digestion, strong appetites, perspire easily, lower tolerance for sunlight, heat or hard physical work, sleep well and of medium duration.
Vata Diseases - Susceptible to diseases involving the air principle, such as emphysema, pneumonia and arthritis. Other common Vata disorders include flatulence, tics, facial paralysis, twitches, aching joints, dry skin and hair, nerve disorders, constipation, and mental confusion. Their skin is dry and thin.

BINDI products are based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda - the original healing science of India. Ayurvedic wisdom holds that providing the skin with the purest nourishment possible not only allows for total self-correction of the skin, but also has profound healing effect on the entire person.

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