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Bindi Beauty and Spa Products

~ Founder
~ Philosophy
- Doshas
- Acclaim
- Home Spa
- Summer Beauty
- Winter Beauty
- Autumns/Spring Beauty
Beauty Areas
- Eye Care
- Face Care
- Hair Care
- Massage
- Bath Care
- Hand/Feet Care
- Problem Skin Care
Ayurvedic Cuisine

Eye Care from Bindi

by Pratima Raichur - Founder of Bindi
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This cream uses the light, warming energy of saffron to moisturize and rejuvenate the under-eye area, banishing and preventing wrinkles. Gently massage cream around the eye at night time. Ingredients include Ghee (clarified butter), essential oils of Rose, Saffron and Mint.

Clear, vibrant eyes are a sign of good health. However, the area directly under the eyes does not have sebaceous glands to lubricate the skin. As a result, it is the most delicate part of the complexion and the first to show signs of aging. Stress, anxiety, sun, overwork, dim or bright light all strain the eyes and lead to crow’s feet and fine lines

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This sweet, warm, minty mask soothes and calms the area around your eyes which helps drain the lymphatic fluids that causes the puffiness. Ingredients include Tulsi which acts as a refreshing tonic and Mint that has the elements to soothe and cool.

BINDI recommends these simple methods and eye care products to relieve and avoid eyestrain, prevent wrinkles, and give more sparkle to the eyes. Three simple methods to relieve eyestrain :

Blinking. Blinking helps to prevent strain, improve vision, and lubricate the eyes. When you are reading, get into the habit of blinking your eyes at least two times per line. Or, rotate the eyeball in a complete circle, first clockwise, then counterclockwise.
Palming. Every hour, close your eyes and cover them gently with your palms to cut out all external light. Relax a couple of minutes as you experience this “blackout”. This technique helps relieve bloodshot eyes.
Massage. Oil massage is particularly beneficial, since the eyelids are ten times more permeable to oils than other part of the body. To prevent lines, gently massage eyes at bedtime using Bindi’s Saffron Eye Cream.


  • To add sparkle and tone to surrounding tissues, make an eye wash of fennel tea. On cooling, bathe each eye for 30 seconds by blinking in the wash.

  • For relief of bloodshot eyes, dip cotton pads in rosewater, lie down and place pads on closed eyes for 10- 15 seconds.

  • For thicker lashes and brows, put a touch of castor or olive oil on them nightly.

  • For sound sleep and relief from eyestrain, massage scalp and feet nightly with Bindi’s Brahmi Hair Oil.

  • To refresh the eyes, spray Bindi’s Aromatherapeutic Mist on closed lids as needed during the day. Splash eyes with cool water once an hour when working extended periods of time.

  • Dark circles under the eyes- Soak cotton pads in cold milk, rosewater, or crushed mint juice, and place over closed eyes for 5- 10 minutes. Before bed, gently massage around eyes with Bindi saffron oil.

  • Puffy eyes – make eyepads using either black tea bags soaked in warm water or cotton puffs dipped in witch hazel or celery juice. Use Bindi’s Mint Eye Mask to help drain the lymphatic fluids.

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