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Indonesia Cook books
Indonesian Cookbooks - Best Sellers

The Exotic Kitchens of Indonesia: Recipes from the Outer Islands by Copeland Marks

Indonesian cuisine, influenced by traders, pirates, vagabonds, and adventurers from many lands, is a multi-cultural experience guaranteed to satisfy the most reckless palate. From word-of-mouth recipes, Marks has compiled a book of exotic recipes easily duplicated in the average American kitchen. 35 illustrations


The Food of Indonesia: Authentic Recipes from the Spice Islands (Periplus World Food Series)
by Heinz Von Holzen, Wendy Hutton (Editor), Lother Arsana

Also known as The Spice Islands, Indonesia offers a varied and fascinating cuisine. Included are many familiar dishes such as Satay, Gado Gado, Nasi Goreng, and more. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title

Lonely Planet World Food: Indonesia (Lonely Planet World Food Guides)
by Patrick Witton

Thousands of islands. Thousands of flavours. The boldness of buffalo curry. The beauty of Balinese food offerings. This is the cuisine of Indonesia: a realm of flavours that stretches from mountain gardens, through manic markets, across the Spice Islands and into the pages of this culinary guide. Prepare to explore what feeds this diverse nation, a country where fruit is as fresh as the land, and chillies are as hot as the hospitality.

  • photography, maps, recipes and local insight reveal lush islands with a vast culinary repertoire
  • profile of Indonesian family life and festivities
  • funerals that are party-central
  • food offerings that appease the spirits
  • bicycle tour of local small producers making rice wine, soy sauce, tempe and tofu
  • buying fish in the town of Pangandaran going from boat to wok in a matter of minutes


Indonesian Flavors
by Susan Anderson


The Food of Bali: Authentic Recipes from the Island of the Gods (Food of Series)
by Heinz Von Holzen, Periplus Editions, Wendy Hutton

The extravagant beauty of Bali is reflected in its cuisine, now presented for the first time in this unique collection of recipes with lavish full-color photos plus an in-depth look at the culture and cuisine.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

wpe70.jpg (3946 bytes) Eating in Paradise: Cooking in Bali and Java
by Noni Siauw, Britta Rath

Great variety of Indonesian culinary art in this splendid cookbook - including Gado Gado and Nasi Goreng as well as more exotic dishes. Fine photographs of the islands of Java and Bali provide an all round experience for the armchair traveller.
The Essential Indonesian Cookbook: Aromatic Dishes from Tropical Spice Islands
Taste of Indonesia: Recipes from the Spice Islands
by Helena, Ph.D. Soedjak, Henry Andree (Photographer), John Bear (Introduction), Harry Andree (Photographer)
Indonesian cuisine has developed from a blend of Indian, Chinese, Arabic, and Dutch influences. Now American cooks can prepare authentic Indonesian food using 93 easy-to-follow recipes. A 32-page color spread displays prepared recipes in traditional table settings.
Indonesian Regional Food and Cookery
by Sri Owen
Contains over 100 straightforward recipes based on the healthy staples of the Indonesian diet - rice, fish, chilli peppers, coconut and spices - and taking into account regional variations.
Singaporean, Malaysian & Indonesian Cuisine
by Christina Sjahir Hwang, Wei-Chuan Publishing

Singaporean, Malaysian & Indonesian Cuisine, Wei-Chuanˇ¦s latest title in International Cuisine series, includes 68 authentic and delicious recipes from Southeast Asia. All the procedures and steps for cooking are presented in a clear and concise manner. The bilingual translation provides for a broad community of interest. Following popularity of ˇ§Chinese Cooking Made Easyˇ¨, ˇ§Thai Cooking Made Easy

Indonesian Street Food Secrets
Keith Ruskin Miller

A culinary travel odyssey in which the reader is introduced to a wide variety of exotic, yet obtainable ingredients and then initiated into their usage with over 90 recipes taken from the greatest street cuisine on the planet. An accompanying MAC and PC compatible CD-ROM includes hours of movies, music and sound that provide the viewer with a window into everyday Indonesian cultural and culinary life.

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