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Korea Cook books
Korean Cookbooks - Best Sellers

Korean Cuisine
by Young Sook Choi, Wei-Chuan Publishing

KOREAN CUISINE offers many easy to follow and popular Korean dishes. All the procedures and steps for cooking are presented in a clear and concise manner, utilizing contemporary home cooking methods anyone can follow. In addition, the bilingual translation provides for a broad community of interest. Following popularity of "Chinese Cooking Made Easy," "Thai Cooking Made Easy," "Japanese Cuisine," "Vietnamese Cuisine," and "Mexican Cooking Made Easy," We are proud to present another wonderful...


Growing Up in a Korean Kitchen: A Cookbook
by Hi Sooshin Hepinstall, Hi Soo Shin Hepinstall, Sonya Hepinstall

Although Korean food is poised to become the next favorite Asian cuisine, there are relatively few cookbooks on the subject. Hepinstall's book is both more ambitious than Jenny Kwak's Dok Suni (LJ 11/15/98) and more wide-ranging than Deborah Coultrip-Davis and Young Sook Ramsey's vegetarian Flavors of Korea (LJ 9/15/98). One of 12 children, she provides a personal glimpse of a disappearing way of life as well as a detailed introduction to traditional Korean cuisine (she even includes her.


Korean Home Cooking (Essential Asian Kitchen Series)
by Soon Yung Chung
Thousands of islands. Thousands of flavours. The boldness of buffalo curry. The beauty of Balinese food offerings. This is the cuisine of Indonesia: a realm of flavours that stretches from mountain gardens, through manic markets, across the Spice Islands and into the pages of this culinary guide. Prepare to explore what feeds this diverse nation, a country where fruit is as fresh as the land, and chillies are as hot as the hospitality.
  • photography, maps, recipes and local insight reveal lush islands with a vast culinary repertoire
  • profile of Indonesian family life and festivities
  • funerals that are party-central
  • food offerings that appease the spirits
  • bicycle tour of local small producers making rice wine, soy sauce, tempe and tofu
  • buying fish in the town of Pangandaran going from boat to wok in a matter of minutes


The Korean Kitchen: Classic Recipes from the Land of the Morning Calm
by Copeland Marks,

Written in a clear and friendly style, this comprehensive guide to Korean cooking opens the door for novice and expert alike to the vivid flavors and satisfying conmbinations of the Korean home-cooked meal


The Kimchee Cookbook: Fiery Flavors and Cultural History of Korea's National Dish
by Kim Man-Jo Lee Kyou-Tae, Lee O-Young
Korea's favorite food, kim chee is a side dish made by pickling vegetables such as radishes, cabbage, and cucumbers in salt, mixing in seasonings, and allowing the mixture to mature. But kim chee means much more to a Korean. Expressing the very essence of Korean cosmology, it follows a basic code of five colors (green, red, white, black, and yellow) and flavors (salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter) which in turn symbolizes universal directions, actions, and seasonal changes. Rooted in the theory of Yin and Yang, this fermented food is known as an appetite stimulant, as well as for its high vitamin C content and beneficial lactic acid microorganisms. The Kim Chee Cookingbook catalogs 90 recipes for all occasions, from traditional whole cabbage kim chee to gourmet stuffed crab shell kim chee. It also places kim chee in its historical, cultural, and scientific contexts. Illustrated with over 110 sumptuous photographs, it is a fascinating and comprehensive look into Korean cuisine and culture.


Flavors of Korea: Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine
by Deborah Coultrip-Davis Deborah Davis, Sook Ramsay

Korean food is flavorful, from soothingly mild to piquantly pleasing, and a delight to the eye as well. Now you can enjoy traditional Korean favorites that have been handed down through generations of talented family cooks and adapted to be low-fat and vegetarian.


Dok Suni: Recipes from My Mother's Korean Kitchen
by Jenny Kwak, Liz Fried (Contributor)

Kwak and her mother own a popular Korean restaurant in New York City (Dok Suni, its name, means "strong woman"). Kwak's book is a more personal one than Deborah Coultrip-Davis and Young Sook Ramsay's Flavors of Korea (LJ 9/15/98) and, unlike their book, is not vegetarian. However, Coultrip-Davis and Ramsay include far more recipes than Kwak's 75, with more information about the cuisine...

wpe60.jpg (4630 bytes) Practical Korean Cooking
by Noh Chin-Hwa

From the beautifully laid out step-by-step pictures to the detailed instructions, this book is far and away the best cookbook for authentic korean cooking. This book contains 200 recipes. The recipes cover the range from side dishes to desserts and beverages. It is appropriate for those looking for popular korean dishes(such as "bulgoki" or "galbi") but also more traditional, authentic recipes(such as "gopchang jungol" as well. Buy this book if you want to experience true korean cooking.

The Best of Korean Cuisine
by Karen Hulene Bartell

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