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Vietnam Cookbooks - Best Sellers

Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table

When Mai Pham--chef and owner of the renowned Lemon Grass Restaurant in Sacramento, California--left her home and her grandmother in Saigon in 1975, just days before the city fell to communist rule, she never thought she'd see either again. Happily for her, she returned 20 years later to rediscover her roots and reconnect with her 100-year-old grandmother. Happily for us, she's written Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table, in which she shares that journey--and the vibrant cuisine of her homeland. Pham begins with a chapter on dipping sauces, condiments, and herbs, which, she explains, are the true backbone of Vietnamese cooking. She  shares the simple, classic recipes that define Vietnamese food. Green Mango Salad with Grilled Beef is at once salty (from the ubiquitous fish sauce), sweet from the fruit, and tangy and spicy from Chili-Lime Sauce. Ginger Chicken is bright with the flavor of ginger and spicy with dried chilies; caramel sauce adds body and an intriguing sweet and smoky element to the dish. And of course, one can't forget the beloved pho, which gets a whole chapter to itself. --Robin Donovan



The Best of Vietnamese and Thai Cooking

Mai Pham has woven wonderful memories between the recipes of this beautiful book: memories of her childhood in Bangkok, her Vietnamese family and their reverence for good food, her husband's search for the best pho recipe in Saigon. The recipes themselves are light, healthy, and loaded with the unique flavors -- strong and delicate, tangy and mild, sweet and mouth-puckeringly sour, always exotic and delicious -- of Southeast Asia. Pham owns the Lemon Grass Restaurant and Cafes in Sacramento, and is a well-known teacher of Southeast Asian cooking. 


The Vietnamese Cookbook

Tran divides her book by rice, sauces, appetizers and salads, soups, main dishes, and desserts and beverages. She mixes lemon juice and lemon zest to create the Lemon Rice she serves with chicken and seafood. There's also a recipe for sticky rice with peanuts. Her sauces include such standards as Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce and Sweet and Sour Soy Sauce. Among the appetizers you will find spring rolls, both fried and fresh. Also, Shrimp Mung Bean Rice Cakes. There's a Papaya Shrimp Salad as well as a Lime Steak Salad. The wonderful Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Bo) is represented. Main dishes include Ginger Chicken, Honey Roasted Quail, Sesame Spareribs, Caramel Shrimp, Lemongrass Fish, and Vietnamese Crab Cakes. . --Schuyler Ingle   



Lonely Planet World Food Vietnam (Lonely Planet World Food Guides)

(Eat Smart)
by Joan Peterson, S. V. Medaris (Illustrator)Those headed to the fascinating country of Morocco may be a bit hesitant about trying many of the foods. But, with the help of the newest book in the highly acclaimed EAT SMART series, hungry travelers will be able to fully sample and enjoy the variety of wonderful native foods. As in the other titles, there is a primer on food history and regional specialties--in addition to authentic recipes, useful phrases for ordering meals and shopping in the bustling local food markets, shopping tips and two extensive bilingual dictionaries to make navigating menu and market a breeze.




Authentic Vietnamese Cooking: Food from a Family Table

Authentic Vietnamese Cooking offers remarkable insight into the history and details of this seemingly simple yet enchantingly sophisticated cuisine. In addition to the four groups of condiments essential to Vietnamese cooking (sweet, pungent Nuoc Cham, vinegared vegetables, sate, and table salad), Trang gives recipes for rice-paper-wrapped Summer Rolls, filled with rice noodles, pork, and shrimp, and Mint Rice with Shredded Chicken. Requiring only rice, chicken stock, shallots, fresh mint, and cooked chicken, it has the clean and layered flavors typical of Vietnamese food. Western sensibilities may recoil at Trang's brief, honest discussion of the exotic meats served in Vietnam, including dog, snake, and monkey, served mostly to demonstrate machismo or status (no recipes are given). Christopher Hirsheimer's artistic black-and-white photos enhance the poetic simplicity of Trang's deeply involving text. --Dana Jacobi  



The Foods of Vietnam

STC is reviving Nicole Routhier's award-winning classic, The Foods of Vietnam, in a paperback format, to satisfy the appetites of the broad audience that is attracted to Vietnamese cuisine.

Opening with the fascinating history of Vietnam's cuisine, Routhier then offers 150 of her favorite traditional recipes. A comprehensive glossary of ingredients, equipment, and techniques provide the background necessary to prepare these dishes. Award-winning food photographer Martin Jacobs presents stunning close-ups of fresh spring rolls, warm beef salad, and more.

The Food of Vietnam: Authentic Recipes from the Heart of Indochina (Periplus World Cookbooks)


1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes, 2nd ed.

Just because it's vegetarian doesn't mean it's low fat! In this revised edition, Sue Spitler has developed and tested over one thousand tempting creations, including 500 entrees, virtually all with less than 30% of calories derived from fat. You'll find appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, side dishes, beans and grains, pastas, pizzas, desserts, and much more. Recipes for delicious Spinach and Cheese Crepes, Italian Sausage pizza, Shepherd's Veggie Pot Pie, Dim Sum Platter, Cheddar Cheese Souffle, and hundreds of others, are easy and quick to make, and use most of the foods you've always eaten. Every recipe is coded, so you can tell whether it's lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, or pure vegan. Vegetarian or not, you'll never run out of ideas with this book. A new chapter has been added: "Veg Express," for meals that are ready in less than 20 minutes.



Vietnamese Cuisine

At last, a bilingual (English/Chinese) cookbook that offers authentic Vietnamese recipes designed for the modern homemaker's kitchen. A special section has been provided to identify the basic ingredients, sauces and staples so important for deriving the exotic flavors associated with Vietnamese dishes. This cookbook offers 85 mouthwatering recipes, with associated photos of finished dishes. In addition, small pictures of the special ingredients so necessary in Vietnamese cooking are furnished as an aid to the reader. 





Lemongrass and Lime: New Vietnamese Cooking

"Vietnamese cuisine is light, subtle, and packed with flavor," writes Mogens Tholstrup, owner of the London restaurant Bam-Bou, whose cooking Lemongrass and Lime celebrates. The work of chef Mark Read, Lemongrass and Lime features 70 recipes based on traditional Vietnamese cooking--a delightful blend of Chinese, Indian, and French culinary influences that dips into modernity with the use of unconventional ingredients like fresh dill and teriyaki sauce. The dishes, such as Barbecued Pork Ribs with Hoisin Sauce, Pan-Fried Duck Breast with Crispy Cabbage and Sesame Soy Dressing, Coconut Curried Vegetables, and Raw Marinated Salmon with Cucumber and Cilantro, are mouthwatering. Readers should be aware, however, that the book, published originally in the U.K., has been inadequately adapted for American cooks. . --Arthur Boehm 


The Book of Vietnamese Cooking

The Book of Vietnamese Cooking provides a fine introduction to this elegant Southeast Asian cuisine. Author Dei-ta Hsiung gives enough information in this slim volume to explain the subtleties of Vietnamese food, how it evolved, and how it differs from that of its neighbors. In addition to a picture of the completed dish, for all 80 recipes you will find three to six color photos showing key steps in their preparation. The glossary of ingredients describes every item called for in the recipes and explains how to use them. Likewise, the section on equipment tells what you need.

Along with familiar Vietnamese dishes like Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane, Green Papaya Salad, and Chicken with Lemongrasss, The Book of Vietnamese Cooking includes such regional choices as Hot Pot from the north. Vegetarians will be pleased to find a recipe for the classic dipping sauce made without the ubiquitous fish sauce, and for Vegetarian Fried Noodles. --Dana Jacobi   

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