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Chinese Medicine Cuisine

Serving.jpg (4821 bytes) Yin and Yang principles are famous in China and has also been incorporated in the food. So most foods are classified into the yin and yang qualities. The Chinese believe that when the yin and yang forces in the body are not in balance, disease result. Proper amounts of food of one kind or the other may then be administered (i.e., eaten) to achieve the yin and yang equilibrium.
.Chinese medicinal cuisine has a long history in China. This cuisine is based on Chinese herbs and other foods that are based on Chinese medical knowledge.  This cuisine is unique because although it is health/medicinal food it is also very delicious. To cook medicinal food, the cook has to know the knowledge of vast varieties of foods, each having its own unique properties and tastes. Generally, processed herbal materials are more commonly used in order to avoid strong odors. However, individuals of different physical status need to select different herbs. The selection of herbs will depend on each individual's condition of health. Due to its herbal nature, it is in serious conditions to take medicinal food according to the doctor's prescription

Traditionally this type of food was very popular in Beijing with the dynasties and officials of the past. The most famous official who patronized this food was Tan Zongling of the Qing Dynasty.

There are hundreds of dishes that are medicated with such choice tonic materials as ginseng, deer musk, bear’s paw, Chinese wolf berry and soft-shelled turtle, the cream of the crop of Chinese medicine.

In the cooking of medicinal food, slow cooking methods such as stewing, braising and simmering are usually used in order to extract more of the herbs' healing properties.

Typical medicine cuisine:

-Baby Pigeon Stewed with Gouqi (Medlar) and Huangqi (Membranous Milk Vetch);
-Pork Simmered with Lotus Seed and lily;
-Pig's Kidney Stewed with Eucommia Bark.

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